Flower Love Child



THIS TOO SHALL PASS - Some free art in testing times.

The download includes both the Black and Beige colour option :)

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This means your purchase can be enjoyed with immediate effect in the form of a downloadable file.

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You can size it to your needs. Use it at your will.  Print locally or at home.
... And the whole shipping / transit / delivery fiasco doesn't even apply!

8 Super quality HI- RES (300 DPI) PDF's (of each print) in the following ratios:

2:3 RATIO for sizes:
INCHES: 4x6" | 8x12" | 12x18" | 16x24" | 20x30" | 24x36"
CM'S: 10x15cm | 20x30cm | 30x45cm | 40х60 | 50x76cm | 60x90cm

3:4 RATIO for sizes:
INCHES: 6x8" | 9x12" | 12x16" | 15x20" | 18x24"
CM'S: 15x20cm | 22x30cm | 30x40cm | 38x50cm | 45x60cm

4:5 RATIO for sizes:
INCHES: 4x5" | 8x10" | 11x14" | 12x15" | 16x20"
CM'S: 10x12cm | 20x25cm | 28x35cm | 30x38cm | 40x50cm

A SERIES RATIO for sizes:
A5 | A4 | A3 | A2 | A1

That offers plenty of scope to ensure the size you had in mind is readily available.
You can resize the file yourself but we would advise to print no larger than 30" x 40" to ensure maximum clarity.



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