Flower Love Child is built on a concept of finding balance, longevity and unity between creator and consumor. Living in a world which (unreasonably) advocates that fulfilment is found driving in the fast lane; it was necessary to find the anti-dote to fast, throw-away goods. Allowing indulgence in the opposite approach and simply creating out of love & good spirit is what is at the very root of Flower Love Child. Creating what we love should never be rushed, if anything it should be savoured | The aesthetic adventure is just as important as outcome.

Our launch marks the dawn of a new personal phase and expressing this rebirth through art is the key note to this boutique’s song. Our team has grown, our process has improved and our minds are refreshed and perpetually inspired. These past 2 years have been some of my most cherished, inner peace offered much needed respite, and a space was made way for the next cycle, I found that my mode of thought switched from seeking success to seeking peace and happiness. Improving myself is more important to me than improving my income and launching Flower Love Child seemed to be the next natural phase to, in a sense, celebrate a new and beautiful part of life.

Flower Love Child was never intended to be just a design boutique; we hope to offer more to our visitors, customer's, friends and acquaintances. Offering a portal of inspiration and a digital place to escape is our ultimate goal and going forward we wish to document not just our work and design process, but a thorough insight into who and what our brand represents, our motives, the books we read, the art that inspires us, the food which fuels us. Positive change is contagious and I hope that it may trickle down through this new digital home, drop by beautiful drop.